A year full of stories

The whole world of childhood is contained in this big, bold, boisterous treasury. On January 1, read a story about the new year. On February 14, how about a Valentine tale? In April there’s a rainy-day poem, and you’ll find a seaside story in July. Every day of the year – even leap year – there’s a delightful, child-friendly story or poem to enjoy.

Magical tales and memorable, jaunty verses are mixed with everyday stories in which children will recognize their own lives. And there’s a large cast of charming characters to meet: Potter Pig, Noah and his friends; Doctor Dog and Nurse Kitty; Snitch and Snatch, the pirates; Police Chief Fox; the monsters Meeny, Miny, and Mo; and many others.

Read the collection one story a day, browse through it to find the birthday tales of everyone in your family, or just hop from here to there in a gleeful rush. This exceptional treasury, crammed to bursting with fun and invention, is a book to cherish, a book guaranteed to give endless pleasure.

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