Oliver Fibbs: attack of the alien brain

Hi! I’m Oliver Tibbs (some people call me “Oliver Fibbs”) and everyone in my family is super-brilliant at something—chess, ballet, brain surgery, and architecture—but I’m not brilliant at anything. Show and Tell (or as I call it: Pain and Torture Time) is my worst nightmare . . . I haven’t got a black belt at karate or made a mega-powerful electro-magnet. All I’m good at is reading comics and eating pizza. But I’m fed up with being dull and boring, so I’ve been telling the class about my adventures as a Defender of Planet Earth—battling against the evil Alien Brain Drain who wants to take over the world! Everyone loved it except Miss Wilkins, who gave me a detention for telling fibs. Now my parents think I’m Going Bad. I keep telling them—they’re not fibs, they’re stories!

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