A wok through time

The latest offering by award winning chef – Sam Leong, A Wok Through Time – traces his journey from when he was a total novice in the kitchen to his present celebrity chef status. It is also an inspiring account of how a young Sam disinterested in his studies came under the wings of his father, renowned chef and shark’s fin king, Leong Woon Soon and learnt the fundamentals that made him successful today.

The book comes alive with the many photographs tracing his journey and the beautiful food shots of his award winning creations showcasing his excellent culinary skills.

Sam’s forte is in giving traditional Chinese cuisine a modern twist with the use of other Asian and Western ingredients; presentation styles and this has made him outstanding in the culinary industry. In this book, Sam reveals the secrets to the recipes that won him many awards and fans and these include traditional recipes from his father and his own creations.

These enticing recipes are presented with clear instructions and is a breeze to replicate in one’s kitchen at home. A Wok Through Time is a definite cookbook that all should get!

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