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Bringing the to Vietnam through the gift of books.

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Quality English books are expensive and difficult to find in Vietnam. Which is why at Lotus Community, we collect English books from all over the world and give them away to deserving reading groups in Vietnam. Recipients of our books include libraries, public and private educational institutions, community groups, and families. Additionally, we provide consultancy services in the area of library management, as a way to improve the quality of reading experiences in the country.

To maintain high standards of transparency and accountability, our team has measures in place to ensure that the books we give are put to good use. In a similar fashion, we communicate regularly with both our book sponsors and recipients to develop lasting working relationships built on mutual trust.

Alone, Lotus Community cannot bring about significant positive change to Vietnam’s reading culture. We need your support. We therefore invite you to participate as a book sponsor or join our reading network to receive books. Hand in hand, let us bring the joy of reading to Vietnam!


From public schools to non-profit organizations, everyone in our network makes good use of the books we give. Here are the most recent highlights.


Libraries. Reading clubs. Families. And more. We reach out to those who share our wish to spread the joy of reading in Vietnam. Below are the featured groups for the month.


Started by a group of teachers, Sach Oi Mo Ra runs reading programs for families and children, and has several sites where people can come to read books for free.


A project run by young adult volunteers for young adult readers, Sach Chuyen Tay’s uses the latest in web technology to connect readers with one another.


The mother and son duo who manage this library got their inspiration from their stay in New Zealand, which boasts a strong reading culture.


The volunteers in this group specialize in running free English classes for disadvantaged children who grew up without parental care.


Founded by a teacher with a passion for books, this library aims to spread the love of reading to families in the Long Bien district of Hanoi.


Consisting of former volunteers of Lotus Community, this club caters to the needs of teenagers and young adult readers.


What’s happening at Lotus Community? Check out our posts below for the latest news and updates. To view the entire blog list, please click here.

From volunteers to leaders

It’s always heartening when people come forward to tell us that they want to launch their own reading project. And it’s double the hearts when the party approaching us is none other than our volunteers – young people who have been with us since our early days!

First visits

Since the start of 2018, we have had the pleasure of meeting up with various reading organizations and projects that operate from Hanoi. This was our way of seeing how we could help them in their work, and served as our initial step towards bringing the leaders of the different groups closer together…

A new chapter begins

Welcome to the new Lotus Community, complete with new services and of course, a brand new website! If you have been following our Facebook page over the years (thank you very much for supporting us), you would know that we have shifted away from frontend library services to play a more supportive role in the background…


If you want to be a book sponsor, receive books from us, or find out more about our work, write to us and we will get back to you soon.

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To bring the joy of reading to Vietnam through the gift of books

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