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Avril falls in love for the first time with the boy next door, but his family and hers are bitter enemies, in this Romeo and Juliet story set in sheep farming country I’ve been driving the ute and the tractor since I was eleven. I get to sleep under the stars, help lambs into the world and ride my horse whenever I want.Avril Stanton has never been in love, until she meets Nathaniel, the boy from the farm next door. With his crazy hair and killer smile, he’s perfect except for one detail – he’s from the wrong side of the fence. Avril’s family and Nathaniel’s family have been feuding for two generations and aren’t about to stop now. To follow her heart, Avril will have to stand up to her family. Will it be a Romeo-and-Juliet-style tragedy or will a thunderstorm, a car accident, and a couple of conniving grandmothers be able to solve her dilemma?

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