Change your life: change your world

As the world teeters on the brink of massive change, many of us are feeling the urgent call to make changes in our own lives that not only shift us to a new level of individual fulfillment but also create a brighter future for us all. This step-by-step guide shows us how to create lasting change in the world in the only way that counts – from the inside out.

The book offers 10 life-changing spiritual lessons, each of which changes the way we see things, the way we experience things and the way we do things. Each lesson is followed by a Spiritual Workbook, comprising a Daily Declaration, a Call to Action, and a Self-Reflection exercise. Written with simplicity and grace and charged with profound spiritual truths, these lessons on themes such as forgiveness, gratitude and surrender shine with passion and clarity to inspire you to live life from a place of enlightened wisdom.

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