Fire: tales of elemental spirits

Master storytellers Robin McKinley and Peter Dickinson, the team behind Water: Tales of Elemental Spirits, collaborate again to create five captivating tales incorporating the element of fire.

In McKinley’s First Flight, a boy and his pet foogit unexpectedly take a dangerous ride on a dragon, and her Hellhound stars a mysterious dog as a key player in an eerie graveyard showdown. Dickinson introduces a young man who must defeat the creature threatening his clan in Fireworm, a slave who saves his village with a fiery magic spell in Salamander Man, and a girl whose new friend, the guardian of a mystical bird, is much older than he appears in Phoenix.

With time periods ranging from prehistoric to present day, and settings as varied as a graveyard, a medieval marketplace and a dragon academy, these stories are sure to intrigue and delight the authors’ longtime fans and newcomers alike.

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