First time DIY

Tap dripping and not sure how to fix it? Need to re-tile your bathroom and don’t know where to start?

Full of practical and easy-to-follow advice, and illustrated throughout with colour photography, this one-stop guide will give you the confidence to “do it yourself” in any situation.

If you’re new to DIY, this is the ideal reference for fixing and maintaining your home. First-time DIY focuses on everyday problems – from rewiring a plug to putting together flatpack furniture – and tells you how to solve them in an accessible and friendly manner. Tasks are explained with simple instructions and clear step-by-step illustrations, providing even the beginner with the skills and guidance to get the job done.

Starting with the basics, this book helps you to identify the jobs that need doing around the house and shows you how to find a solution. Learn which tools you’ll need and understand how and when to use them. Know how to go about the job safely and efficiently and recognise when it’s better to get the professionals in.

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