Goddess Girls: Hestia the invisible

Hestia feels unseen at Mount Olympus Academy in this eighteenth Goddess Girls Phiêu lưu.
Hestia, the sweet goddess of the hearth, loves to cook, but is too shy to share her passion with other students. Her famous yambrosia salad is a MOA favorite-but no one has any idea that it was her recipe!

When she has to pick a symbol that represents her highest self for a Service to Humankind contest, her classmates laugh at her first choice of an ordinary cooking pot. After initial embarrassment, Hestia becomes determined to break out of her shell and stop feeling so invisible around everyone at MOA.

With the help of Pheme and a lizard-tail boy named Asca, she begins to see that she has much to offer to others. But will her quest not show her best self after all?

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