Lizards in the sky: animals where you least expect them

Fish in trees? Frogs underground? Who knew?

No one would expect to see a bird at the bottom of a stream, yet that is precisely where the American dipper hunts for food. How about a tortoise that lives in the desert? The way it keeps cool is even more surprising.

Readers will be amazed to discover how the 36 animals featured in this book have evolved in order to live in hostile environments. From searing heat to glacial cold and from high in the sky to deep in the earth, these species endure extreme weather conditions and make their homes in the unlikeliest of places in order to hide from predators or to hunt for food.

Some of the animals featured in the book are: Northern shrews whose brains and internal organs shrink during hibernation
Snakes in Borneo that fly through the air
Freshwater eels that travel over land to find food or a new source of water
Salamanders that can go without food for 10 years!

The full-color photographs and surprising, informative text will appeal to animal lovers of all ages.

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