Millicent and Meer

Millicent is a little girl who has always wanted a cat. One day, as she is playing outside, a large shipping box falls from somewhere and lands right beside her. She peers inside and finds a strange looking but very friendly little animal. Better yet, the box’s label says “Meerkat.” Millicent cries out with joy. “Yippee! You’re a cat and your name is Meer. You can be MY cat!”

She takes Meer into the house, but it isn’t long before both she and her Dad discover that Meer doesn’t act very much like a cat. In fact, he creates a lot of mischief. Meer can’t stay in the house any longer until he learns how to act like a cat. Just when Meer is feeling very sad and completely alone, he meets Marvin, a real cat. This story’s fun really starts when Marvin decides that he can teach Meer how to become a real cat.

Kids will fall in love with the adorable Meer and the hilarious Marvin, and they’ll laugh along with the delightfully funny color illustrations on every page of this entertaining book.

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