Secrets to composition: 14 formulas for landscape painting

Now you can capture all the beauty of nature with a composition that works every time. No matter what medium you work in, this easy-to-follow guide shows you precisely how to put together breathtaking landscapes. You’ll learn 14 easy formulas for translating what you see in nature into eye-catching paintings. These strategies work on everything from sunsets and ocean views to trees and wildflowers. You can paint exactly what inspires you better than you ever thought possible.

With clear step-by-step demonstrations in oil and watercolor, it doesn’t take long to master every valuable lesson. You’ll discover the art of moving or eliminating real-world objects to best suit your paintings. These simple techniques will add more drama and life to your work.

From first sketch to final brushstroke, this is the only book you need to create fabulous landscapes. Take your art to the next level today!

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