Splat doodles

An orange splotch can be a fat cat. Two pink circles can be the eyes of a fuzzy monster. Blue blobs can be beautiful dancers. With an ink blot, there’s no limit to the things that might appear. But how can kids show their families and friends what they see? At first, it might seem impossible. But it’s easy to reveal their magnificent creations when they imagine, doodle, and draw with Splat Doodles!

Splat Doodles includes 128 pages of ink blots, blobs, and splotches in a range of brilliant colors. With their own pens, pencils, or markers, or with the 125 stickers included with the book, kids can transform these plain pages into delightful doodles. From crazy creatures to mad machines to funny faces, their imaginations will run wild.

Splat! What’s that? A caterpillar? A snowman? A forest full of trees? It can be anything kids want it to be with Splat Doodles, a pen or pencil or sticker, and a dash of creativity!

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