Tea time delights

The Best of Singapore’s Recipes: Tea Time Delights – provides an excellent collection of delightful tea time favourites by Mrs. Leong Yee Soo. This wonderful potpourri of recipes provides a wealth of inspiration for entertaining, tea and snack ideas.

This fabulous volume contains 68 recipes of Singapore’s favourite tea time delights such as Cheesy Beef Patties, Steamed Fish and Milk Sauce Sandwiches, Yam Puffs and many more.

Each category comprises of recipes which are tested and beautifully photographed so there’s no ambiguity about how the final dish would turn out or how it should be presented. The wide and exciting repertoire of recipes featured in this book will thrill all food lovers and cooking enthusiasts! The recipes are easy to follow – but the results stun both the eye and the palate.

In this invaluable collection of time-tested recipes, the late Mrs. Leong Yee Soo, the foremost authority on Singapore cuisine, imparts all her wealth of expertise and gives it that distinctive flavours as only she knew how to.

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