The cure

It is the year 274 AD (After Darwin), in a world that has completely rejected religion and a regime rules which forbids faith of any kind. Instead, it is Darwin who is The Saviour, and only in science is everyone allowed to believe. In this world, Raul and his sister Arym live in a nuture house, cared for by the state, having never known their mother.

It is a strict but simple life, until Raul begins to have doubts about the regime and rebels against the unwavering and unquestioning beliefs of those around him. As a result of his rebellion, Raul and his sister are sent away to The Santorium, to be “Cured” of their disbelief. But this is only the beginning… Will Raul allow himself to be “cured” of his doubts and become an unthinking believer like his sister, or is there another way to survive?

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