The hunchback of Notre Dame

A frightful horde of men and women, armed with scythes, pikes, billhooks, and rusty swords, advance towards the massive front doors of Notre Dame Cathedral. For many years Quasimodo the bellringer has lived peacefully in the cathedral with his master, Archdeacon Claude Frollo. But the arrival of Esmeralda, a young and dazzlingly beautiful gypsy dancer, changes everything. Esmeralda has fallen in love with the brave and handsome Captain Phoebus. Will the archdeacon be able to control his violent jealousy when Esmeralda rejects him?

Esmeralda’s life is in danger, but Quasimodo will do anything to protect her. When the king’s soldiers clash with the thieves and beggars of Paris, can the innocent young dancer survive?

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