Travel writing

The Globe-Trotter’s Guide to Researching, Writing and Selling the Adventures of a Lifetime

Let the reader feel the ticket in your hand, see your ports of call, meet the people you’ve come to know. Put it all on paper.

With the guidance of L. Peat O’Neil – who is on the staff of “The Washington Post Magazine” – you’ll write engagingly about your travels, whether in journals for your own pleasure or articles for publication.Discover the many types of travel articles you can write.Make your journey as a seasoned travel writer does.Write journal entries that lead to first drafts.Organize your articles and make them flow to the end.Strengthen your writing style to keep readers captivated.Find information, verify it and bring it to life on paper.Take your own travel photographs – or mine other sources.Follow the most promising paths to selling your articles.Get a glimpse of the travel writer’s life. Is it for you?

Writing and marketing exercises follow pertinent chapters. Along with her instruction, O’Neil mixes in examples from travel articles. You’ll taste the flavor of distant destinations even as you see how the writers sprinkled in that spice. Don’t be surprised if you feel a quickening of the pulse and the call of the open road. The world is full of fascinating places.

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