A beautifully written coming-of-age tale about a 15-year-old girl whose life is altered by sudden deafness

I’m always trying to figure out what’s really going on. Always having to fill in the gaps, but never getting all the details. It’s like trying to do a jigsaw when I don’t even know what the picture is, and I’m missing one of the vital middle pieces.

How do you know if your friends are talking about you being your back, or if a boy likes you? They could act all innocent, but you’d know from the rumors. You’d hear the whispers. But what if you couldn’t hear those whispers anymore? Being a teenager is hard enough. But what about being a deaf teenager? Demi is 15 years old when her world is shattered by illness. Waking up in hospital, she can see people are talking and moving around her, but she can hear nothing. As the days and weeks pass, it becomes clear that Demi is locked in a silent world and this is a world she must now learn to navigate. This unique, touching story explores the universal theme of finding your place, against a fascinating backdrop.

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