Wormwood gate

Aisling and Julie are bickering on a night out, when they are almost run over by a white horse with a red mane. Something strange is going on. The city of Dublin looks changed. Bits of it are familiar, but three castles blaze on the horizon, the pigeons and seagulls are at war with one another, and a talking door-knocker leads them to a floating head – they’re definitely a long way from home.

When they discover that the city has three queens, all fighting for power, and that strict rules have been imposed on its residents, they decide it’s time to get out of there, and fast. Can the girls find the Wormwood Gate and get back to Mortal Realms? And, despite their differences, could it be possible that they like each other more than they first thought?

This urban fantasy debut with a shining sense of humor and a subtle love story sparkles with beauty and strangeness.

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