Soya and spice

The famous street food and home cooking of Singapore is presented in a unique way in this cookbook. Jo Marion Seow shares the treasured recipes from her aunt and uncle who sold street food, and those of her grandparents and parents who taught her to cook as a child.

Some of the hearty and wholesome food of her childhood, like Salted Black Bean Rice, Rice Wine Vermicelli Soup and Fish Cake Rolls, are no longer found on the streets. Others are much better home-cooked versions of popular south-Chinese restaurant favourites: Turnip Rice Cake, Braised Duck, Prawn Balls, and Yam Pudding. To these, she adds Malayanised dishes such as Spicy Prawn Floss and Assam Prawns, and a few of her own creations. These are recipes which she continues to use in her own kitchen for her family and friends.

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